Apple MacBook Pro MD102LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop Review

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This is a review of Apple MacBook Pro MD102LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop.

Listen, my children, and you will hear tales of a hard-fought civil war. No, not that Civil War: this one had nothing to do with states’ rights and Gettysburg. This conflict took place at the dawn of computing, way back in the 1980s, and featured sneering, smug, buttoned-down users of PCs like IBM and Leading Edge (who?) defending their world from passionate, unkempt, upstart rebels dedicated to the cause of something called a Macintosh, from those zonked-out hippies at Apple Computer.

Yes, we know: your dad told you this story at your bedside, in between readings of “Goodnight Moon” and Dr. Seuss. This not-so-bloody struggle reached its Appomattox long ago, around the time Bill Gates prevailed when Apple sued him for stealing its OS and calling it Windows. Today just a few grizzled veterans still fly their colors and tell stories of the glory days, but the average keyboard-pounding and screen-staring adult today long ago ceased to notice, much less fear, the transition between the two systems. PC at work, Apple at home, or vice versa: what’s the big deal?

With the advent of the latest MacBook Pro, some old battles might get fought again. This 13-inch laptop, whose product designation is MD102LL/A, will remind doddering users why the Mac was such a revolutionary item in the first place, and may well convince younger consumers that there is a difference, after all. The key here is Apple’s OSX 10.7, called Lion, supplied with the laptop but upgradable at no cost to the even newer and more muscular Mountain Lion, released in July. This powerful beast comes with iCloud built in, along with sharing across all systems, a new app just for Messages, a Notification Center and a Game Center, among other innovations. Also packed into this laptop’s sleek physique are a 750 GB hard drive, 8 GB of installed RAM, and an 8GB Superdrive, and even that is just scratching the surface.

Build and Design

Let’s step back and view this laptop one facet at a time. Apple carves each machine from one block of aluminum, continuing the unibody trend that has characterized its enclosures for some time. As a result, the MD102LL/A is under one inch slim and 4.5 pounds light. In its gleaming white coat, the MD102LL/A comes across as more clinic than commune, and that’s a good thing. Quite frankly, this machine is eye candy.

Connection and Ports

The ports on this laptop are a matter of 3s. Specifically, three USB ports line the sides, and all of them are now USB 3. That’s not much faster than USB 2: only about ten times or so! Your further speed needs will be met by the Thunderbolt port, another new feature that cuts high-speed transfer rates in halves and thirds. For presentations or group use, you may hook up the Apple Thunderbolt Display and watch your colleagues’ eyes pop out. When you venture out past the wifi frontier, you’ll find an Ethernet port on this laptop as well.


The MD102LL/A’s own screen is no slouch, either. The glass display is backlit and measures 13.3 cross-screen inches; great so far, but this year Apple has added a glass trackball with no buttons, giving you a wider area to play in.


After much thought, Apple’s engineers decided on an Intel Core i7 processor, a third-generation, fully integrated single chip that’s good for 2.9 Ghz. Again, options exist to make it still faster: thanks to Intel’s Turbo Boost technology, that 2.9 can be pushed to 3.6. Apple is justly famous for its graphic capabilities, and the new MD102LL/A will delight artists and designers with its Intel Graphics 4000 processor. How does sixty times faster sound? Waiting for videos to finish loading might soon be as dated as those old IBMs.


The real test of a laptop is its battery, and with this latest Apple model you could be good for as long as seven hours. Unlike competitors, whose laptops promise long battery life but cave within three to five hours, the Apple numbers are consistent with the company’s claims. If you’ve ever undergone the humiliating experience of scrambling on the floor, searching for outlets as your laptop fades to black, you’ll appreciate the rock-solid and unfaltering performance of this Apple battery.

Noise and Heat

Since laptops first came on the market, users have struggled with the twin bugaboos of noise and heat. According to buyers, those matched evils have been expunged from the MD102LL/A. Users report the coolness factor has been upped to a considerable degree, and comments on fan noise range from “non-existent” to “barely a whisper.” When you need to knuckle down and get productive, you won’t be facing Saharan air and windstorms, distracting you from the tasks at hand. Your workplace will radiate peace and quiet, and Steve Jobs will be smiling in Zen heaven.

Here’s a handy list of pros and cons to help objectify your choice.


• Fabulous looks
• Eye-blurring speed
• A wealth of ports for every need
• Lightweight, silent, cool to the touch
• Stupendous battery life


• Unlike the MacBook Air, the Pro has no optical disk drive
• Competing laptops with similar-sized screens are less expensive
• Some users have reported problems viewing images on Preview

In a nutshell, this is for who?

For people who work in the visual arts, entertainment, and gaming industries, there may be no better laptop out there than the Apple MacBook MD102LL/A. That’s not to say this is not a good laptop for general use, as at Apple versatility has always been a large part of the picture. Students who want to stand out from the crowd, frequent flyers (especially the long-haul crowd), and professionals in fields from astronomy to zydeco can all partner with this machine and achieve impressive results. Easy to carry, simple to use, and faster than its same-size competition, this laptop takes the familiar Apple ethos of good looks and intuitive use out of the misty past into the present, and on to the future. The war is over, and both sides won.

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